Born 2 Win

BORN 2 WIN PODCAST|#3 w/Vondale Singleton| Special Guest Jemal King #9to5Millionaire #born2win

May 05, 2020 Vondale Singleton/Jemal King Season 1 Episode 3
Born 2 Win
BORN 2 WIN PODCAST|#3 w/Vondale Singleton| Special Guest Jemal King #9to5Millionaire #born2win
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Today's guest is Jemal King-  Former All State Footballer, Jemal King had dreams of making millions in the NFL. 

After injuries dashed his NFL dreams, he became a full-time Chicago Police Officer, however, Jemal still had the millionaire's mindset and decided that investing in real estate would be his method to earn millions and create the lifestyle he desired for his family. 

While working as a police officer, Jemal began growing his Real Estate portfolio, and used the profits from his investments to own 4, multi-million dollar companies including a security company and child care centres. 

Jemal has created these businesses while still maintaining his position as a full-time Chicago Police Officer, devoted husband, father and the newest member of the worlds number 1 personal development brand, Eric Thomas and Associates. His unique story of the millionaire's mindset and creating generational wealth has inspired thousands and will no doubt inspire millions.

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born to win podcast highlights individuals like selling at high levels in their purpose. And calling this podcast is for anyone looking to get ahead in life and willing to take action and reach their full potential using chance. Male mentoring model of the three e's education, empowerment and exposure. It means you two unborn. What's up, everybody? This is the born toe win Todd Cat, and we so excited you tuned in today because we are in. I need for you to grab your seat belts buckling grip tight because we about to go on a ride you've never been on. Listen, everybody, we can impact change right now. Our special guest, this brother right here. Oh, my goodness. What can I say about brother Jamal King? He's better known as the 9 to 5 billion there. My shy town brother is here and he's lots as a podcast guest. And I'm telling you, I need for you to block every distraction out the way right get, you know, pad out and get ready to take some notes. And here's what you gonna do with those notes. You're going to apply the very thing that you're writing down because What he's going to share is going to be wisdom and practical advice.

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Can turns around, pushes me, take off running, not told you. Two months ago I was just training for Interfere. So I was like, I was like, Yo, do you really want to do this like I'm trying to make some tacky zero could you know eso take off chasing after the kid, the kid running down a dark alley and then I'm like, five yards behind and then kid dashes off. It's in between two apartment buildings. Key can go left or right. He can only go straight in front of him. Is this tone like 10 foot fits with Bob while you're in it So the kids runs, jumps up on the fences, trying to climb over and getting caught up in

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the Bab y. I want to give ah, born to win Welcome toe. My brother Jamal Key from Chicago. Welcome, Jamal.

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Let's go, Let's go. Hey, that's the best introduction I have ever had. And I've been doing down Oh, man. I bet at least 100 podcasts, but that was the best introduction. Bra and man, I appreciate you, man. I'm doing great land. I'm excited to be here When I found out you had a podcast, I believe this is the third of episode. Maybe. Yeah, I was like, Man, look, I gotta be part of it. Uh uh. Anything that you doing, I got to be part of a Brussel man is honor a privilege, brother and man, I feel good. Teoh actually be on the hometown Casper

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Hometown shot town. We right down the street from each other. Yeah, on that. I know. I know you're looking that Jamal Kings and I had the opportunity man to visit the mention The king's mentioned the palace on King Drive in the broader community one born and raised baby. So, Man, how you doing, bro?

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May we bless? Right? We blessed, you know, in light of everything that's going on in the world, man, we just still bad. We still counting our blessings, man, We got too many. Blessings are that's that's in our life, t said, or to be down a discouraged about what's taking place brought God is still good.

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Yes. And so for those of you who don't know, I met Jamal King actually, through another brother that everybody knows Dr Eric Thomas E. T. The hip hop preacher. He actually introduced me to Jamal King and man. It was just like we've been locked in every sense. It's a lot of people that may not know your story. So if you just briefed the people on who you are, tell us a little bit about your story,

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Manuel. They I'm where I was born to a family of blue collar workers. Right? I was born to a family of police officers. My dad was a cop. My mother was a cop. My brother was a cop. My sister was a dispatcher. You know, uncles, I like to say, bro, I come from a family of cops and criminals if, you know, half of Fenton was police officers and other half was criminals. Right now, I got you. That was the family business use either on one side but allow used on the other side of the law. And, you know, I wanted some different bra. You know, I wanted something different. I wanted to be the difference maker in my family. And I did not want to become a cop out there almost like man, I ain't got brother. Yeah, it could be the police. I want to be a criminal either. So you know, I'm gonna be a cruel E. I want to do something different. And so, you know, growing up even in my community, Brian, everybody on the black, like probably every you know, every fifth house was a police officer, a city worker. And I just was like, Man, I got to do something different. I want to be able over the houses in my community. Look the same. Everybody drove the same kind of car, you know, Everybody went to the same school, you know? It was like everybody came home from work at the same time. Everything was the same. And I said that I want something different, man. I want different. Not just for people, for my future family. And so, man, I said that eight. You know, I want to be a millionaire. And I just said I didn't know what really would've millionaire Iwas at that age. You know, when I was eight years old, I first put it out there first for kindness, but I just used to see images online. Remember Lifestyles of the rich and famous, you know, before, before MTV Cribs came out, you know, But there he'll old like me. You know, it was a thing that we used the West called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. And that was the only exposure that we actually got at the time toe. Actually say, man, I want to live like this. I want a big house. What? I saw, I saw something that was like, Well, people over the houses didn't look the same, You know, the income levels within the same. And I said, Man, I want something like that to and still, man, I just said that, you know, I didn't I didn't know how to be a CEO, and I wasn't around CEOs, you know? So I said, I don't think that I saw was like Dion Sanders. And he's catch man out there playing football, you know, down to just quit. And he was, you know, hit all the gold on and he looked like he was a 1,000,000. I don't know if he was a 1,000,000 that nobody looked like he was a millionaire. And I said, Man, I will bet lifestyle Yes, minus Jerry Curl

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was just about the blessed Jerry Carroll love number 21 dripping and dropping, going down hot stuff

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name. He's a high stepper Jerry Curl juice. See all the back? Yes, I just said I wantedto chose football as the vehicle as the vehicle that I was going to use to become a millionaire and rest Stop play football, high schools, all state on the top football players in state Illinois. And then I went on the college and I was playing college ball, you know, 10 Captain, um, you know, balling out and, you know, saying guys in front of me getting drafted. I thought I was going to realize my dream of becoming a millionaire like, 18 years old, you know? And then when the draft happen, brother, you know, I will sit back and seeing other guys getting dragged it just like we just took place. A couple, you know, a couple days ago. And as I'm sitting back, I'm here and my friends get drafted and and they called me up and they just excited and I never got that phone call. Brah never got the phone call, but ironically, I end up get a different phone call and I got a phone call from the Chicago Police Department. Said congratulations. You've been accepted into the police department. Wow. You know? Yeah. So my parents, that kind of was big on backup plans. And so, even though I was a T captain, even though I was putting up numbers, all conference and things like that in college, my parents still kind of was like a You know, a It don't cost nothing to just steal a profit Police Department as a backup plan, and I didn't want to do it, but I was being respectful to my parents, and I just went and did it. And ironically, around the same time of the draft, when I didn't get drafted, I didn't get that phone call from the NFL, the Chicago Bears telling me that with the 68th pick, Chicago Bears to Chamorro cane. But instead I got a phone call saying you've been accepted into the class of 2000 Chicago Police Department. And so bright I was I was hurt, man. I was heard at that moment. I was suffering from PTSD. Yeah, talk about that. It's disorder, posttraumatic sports disorder. So it's traumatic sports disorder. a lot of people know what is post traumatic stress disorder, but, you know, I made this up post traumatic sports disorder and anybody out there that ever play sports, you know exactly what I'm talking about. That's when you sitting up, man, and and you play ball and and you six foot 3 £225 you've got the muscle to go along with it. Everything about you says football, everything about you says enough ale, everything except you. You not in the league, but everybody thinks you want to leave. And so because I proclaimed that I was gonna make it to the NFL, everybody reminded me of what it was that I said. They asked me everybody was they would see me in my police uniform is still safe. Hey, man, you what? You What happened to the NFL? You know, and it's one of things that just, you know, I remember back when I was in college, even like relatives of mine my grandma brought, my grandma used to be like a hard 90 some awesome, you know? Did you make it to the family? You know, how was your day? So everybody is associated. Put this signal on me about NFL, and really, I just want to be a millionaire. I didn't really, But NFL was just a vehicle that I was going to use to get me to where I would want to go in life. It, once you get is gonna get me to my destination in life. But I technically did not want. So I wasn't gonna hold about playing in the NFL. But that was just a vehicle. That s so when I suffer from PTSD, I kind of forget that the NFL was the vehicle and I made the NFL actually the destination. And so that's why I was actually suffered from PTSD. I lost my identity. I didn't know what was anymore, bro. Let's ties. I was hiding, but I was had in the house when football season started. I used a hat in the house because I didn't want people to see because I just figured people would just, you know, think like oh, maybe playing on the team. I remember guys used to be like a J. I'm looking, you know, the Internet wasn't bet that big in 2000 so you can get some people couldn't really just google section it. Some people was just like a jack. I'm looking on the bears, and, uh, I used to be another. It was a player on the team name King. The last test cash is to be like Man J was a deeper of Lyman's office. Aligned. Yeah, he was huge. Cash is to be like, man Brock, did you take away E like can they used to think that I was That was me. I saw the ad. Brown was embarrassed. I was I was hurt, man. And most importantly, brought I was I was lost. I didn't know what to do with my life s. So it wasn't until, um, I kind of had to step back and really do some soul searching, you know, and admire the fact it was before when I'm my friend of mine, did make it to the NFL, and he was a college roommate of mine. And my man was broken college. You know, I used to loan him my car money, Cole's everything, and I saw how his life changed. He made it to the NFL. So here it is. Not my man. He's living my dream, right? And the crazy father. But he didn't even really even want to go to the NFL. It is. I'm a college telling people I'm going to the NFL and I end up going to the police department. My man wasn't telling nobody nothing in college, and he end up going to the NFL and he and I'm making a lot of money, man. And it wasn't it. So I went and visited him that I got exposed. Okay, Toe. I got exposed to the lifestyles of the rich and famous in person. I doubt that exposure up close and personal, that exposure that I saw as a kid. And what happened? Waas When I went and I got that exposure when I wouldn't visit him, it did something to me. It reminded me that it wasn't about football, Jamal. It was about the destination. And the reason behind it was that you wanted to become a millionaire because you wanted to take care of your family. You wanted to give your Children a better life than what you hit You wanted toe Take care of your parents one day It was the things the purpose behind the reason that becoming a millionaire. And so I said, Wait a minute, it football was nothing but a vehicle. So that means that just like I can go get another vehicle on the car lot, I can get another vehicle to still give me to my destination in life. And so that's when I really woke up and I said, Wow, I made football, the other NFL, the destination And that wasn't it. Yeah, that was just a vehicle. So now I need to get my brother back on track and I need to come up with another vehicle because I still got a lot of life left in. Yeah, I'm still going to get to my destination. Yeah, and so that's pretty much That's the That's the short story. That's the short story. And so yes. Oh, going from that man. I just went and found another vehicle bruh. And I make that other vehicle real estate, you know, and and I use that vehicle to get me to to my other vehicles. So I got real estate. Then once I start purchasing a bunch of properties, I saw how my life start changed. I saw how is getting closer to my destination. And then what I did. I went from real estate and in transition and got and use real estate to get me into a chain of daycare centers that we started. And so now, real estate, if you look at real estate, real estate was a nice car. You know, the police department was like a 1993 Chevy Blazer that I used to have. It wasn't Freni. Yeah, it wasn't. It wasn't sexy, but it was. It was reliable. Yeah, it could be. The benefits gave me a paycheck. A steady paycheck. So it was still keeping movement, right? And then it that vehicle, I was able to transition to real estate. Now that was a pretty nice being doubled. And then real estate Get me into the business of day off on a childcare centers and and now childcare centers was like a nice yacht. And then all of a sudden, that got got me into the security company and in a security company owned that was like a jet. And here now, all of this stuff has got me to the point. Now where now I'm speaking to the NFL. Well, Now I'm speaking to major league ball. I make the best NVIDIA. Now I'm speaking of thousands and thousands of people. So now that jet now has gotten me into a rocket ship now taking taking off. So

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a Listen, y'all, this is Jamal King. The 9 to 5 million there. So I want to go back because he had the opportunity to share with one of our champs mentoring classes. And he came in and he talked about the time where he met with his coach his senior year. I believe in college. Yeah, And it was about the draft and about what's next and what's supposed to happen. You went in thinking like All right, I'm about to get my grade on where I will be picked in the draft. Talk us, do that story, and then talk us through what happened when you got on the Chicago Police Department with the situation with the young man who you would chasing down You gotta You gotta walk us, do that

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show. So went home. So we got this thing, you know, see, a You didn't your evaluations. Right? And your coach, this is just seeing a year. Your coach tells you exactly what you fall in in the draft, you know, wish your grade, your NFL grade and things like that. And so he always here take East play each senior who has potential to make it to the league. He had you come in and sit down in his office. The crazy part about it was when you get recruited to go to the school, right, you walk into the same office and I remember when I got recruited to go there, that coach had all of these different plaques on the wall of all these different ex NFL players that came through the school. And I remember my coach was like, You know, when he was recruited me, he was like, Yeah, Kaine, can you imagine your picture up here one day? I really believe you come in school. You come in his university, your picture is gonna build that wall. You're gonna be one of the greatest players ever. Play here and you're gonna you know what team? What NFL team do you want to go to? And I remember bad. I was sold. I was remembered looking and I saw the whole picture. I've ever call him appearance? Unlike name, I'm a pitching on dealing Whoa! I won't make it to the NFL and the coaches, you know? And it was crazy because my senior year, When When? When? After the last game, But again, he brought me in the same office and I remember looking at them saying pitches on law and I remember saying, like, Man comes, You told me

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that you were killing it. You were killing it. You were. You were big time. You were one of the captains. You was one of the top players. So I want people to understand he not just having the hopeful dreams.

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I just say no false hope like that. This was real. And and my coach where he sat me down and was like, You know, I can't come on there And I'm Ramiz like, man, you know, you had a great season, Maliana Great. Four years here, man. You know we want we want two champions to conference championships and he was just like, Man, can you got yourself two rings and he's like, Man, you did a great job and I'm sitting in the office like man. Coach wants my drive. Great. Like tomorrow. Like? Like Like let's cut the chase, man. What's my draft? Great. And he was just talking. And brother, he kind of hit me. I don't know what he was going with it at the time, but he was just like a king. Um, how's your dead? And I was like, Oh, man, I thought he's just being, you know, he always just asking if I'm a parent family doing I was like, man calling. My dad is doing great, man. He's doing great, you know? You know, what's my draft? And he was like, You're dead. Is Ah, Chicago police officer. Right? And I was like, Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did a Chicago police officer, you know? Yeah, inescapably salsa. And he's okay. Okay. Yeah. And he was like, How about your mom? And I was like, Mom was doing good. So my family is doing great, Coach, everybody doing great. And he's like, Yeah, your mama is a police officer to write, So I said yes. Yes, sir. My mom was a police officer. Also, did he say it? Have you ever thought about becoming a police officer bra? My heart went about this size bra because somebody that I looked up to, somebody that told me I would have read through a brick wall for him. Somebody that told me that if you come here and you work hard, you give it your all. You do your best, You will make it to the NFL. I'm time. I brought play with broken bones. I have my own breath. Six fingers. I met a freaking here surgery on my stomach. I got hit so hard what time? My stomach went to my staff against when they had to take my stomach. I reattach it. Wow, I did. I did every single thing, man that I was supposed to do. I did everything. I showed up and I didn't just show up. Brought was the 1st 11 of the first ones that practice one, the last ones to leave. I was in a gym. I did everything I was supposed to do. And for whatever reason, my man has sent here now telling me that I should think about becoming a police officer, somebody that I would have done anything for. Man, I don't know if you're over here. Is somebody that you trusted somebody that you expected somebody that you veer tell you something that goes against your dreams, your hopes, your wishes. That's right. It's something that just makes your heart just go Shoes shrink up. Yeah, and so, man. So that was That was win. And I said I was gonna prove him wrong. That's when I was just like a man coach. I said, Not in my future. And at that point brought us when I went and I worked out harder than I ever worked before. Man, I'm talking about. And it's a crazy part about about the I worked so hard that now look back. If I would have worked out that heart when I was playing, then maybe I wouldn t o you know, it's amazing how you can push yourself when somebody tell you can't do something in on. That's that support man. Is that whoever's out there? Write that down right down right there. Down? Yep. You know, sometimes you gotta look in the mirror yourself. Tell yourself you can do something. That's right. You can go back and push yourself harder. Yes, sir. You know, and some went man and I worked out hard right on time. I gave it my all just to prove everybody wrong. And like I told you before the opening man, I end up still not getting drafted. I end up, you know, maybe was too late, you know, And that's why it's important about starting off starting off with that feeling. Because sometimes in life, no matter how hard you work, you can't correct the years of lack that you don't. Right? So you got to start off with that kind of passage. You got to start off with that kind of dog. You gotta start off from square one and say, Hey, I know that in next four years this is what I'm trying to be in life. Whether it's your grades, whether it's, you know, you want a sport, your plan, you have toe act as today as though you're in that position to make it to the league already or to make it to college already. And that's why you got to go in when it coming your schoolwork. You gotta go when you want to come to your graves right now, because a lot of you regulate right now is going to mentally is going to change. When you become a senior high school, I'll send you become a singer and you're thinking to yourself I want to make it to college. But because you didn't do what you're supposed to do in the beginning, it's gonna come back and bite you in the butt. Yes, they won't like your mentality. As a singer, you might really be on the square. You might really be. You might really be fine. You might really have it together because you didn't do it. You're supposed to do. In the beginning, it is going to affect who you become. What you doing as the same wound?

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That's powerful. That is powerful, bro. So? So from that your coach is telling you a Have you thought about being a police officer? And so this is where I'm assuming the post traumatic sports disorder started to really kick in.

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Yeah, man, It kicked and bruh. I didn't even man, I'm time abroad. Even in the police academy, they was teaching us like techniques of taking people down and locking people up. And I was tackling people. I talk about me today, man. When everybody went on lunch break brah, I would be up in the gym in the police academy working out because I still believe that somebody was gonna get injured, you know, maybe for the Bears. And then they was going to pick up the phone and say a way. No other Jamala Jamala is our hastily shaped till he working in the police department. You know, I don't still get called man itself. It's just weird, man. Some people do, you know, And this is a real thing. You know, I've traveled the world and spoke to different people that have played bomb type of people that didn't make it to the league. I spoke to people that played in the league and maybe, you know, got cut right this post traumatic sports disorder because you give the life to something. I don't know how many people here have actually given their life. Come on, I said, football, actually, you know, my mother was my first love Football football was next. Yeah, that's how life she she actually felt number three, you know, it was flare was my mom because I was the first person album saying, right, that's, you know, football was number two. Yeah, and I met football before I met my wife. And then number three became my wife s old man. I was in love with football, Brown. When I say in love with it, the cycle eyes the psyching behind playing the sport and know the place part of the high love abroad. You have to give it your all. Yes, sir. You gotta not just give it your wall. Von der, You gotta become that sport. That's it that's forgotten. Become you. The two shell become one. Yeah, I gotta become one in order to really take it to the next level, man. And we literally brought became one. And then the crazy part about it is that imagine being in a relationship with somebody, right? This is this is that posttraumatic sports disorder? Imagine being in a relationship with somebody you've given it. You owe. You're doing everything for her. Everything. You won't even break it. Bones. You're Dafur, huh? Yeah, it may be. And then all of a sudden, brother, because you get a little bit older because you've got a few broken bones she give ridden, didn't see. Don't just get rid of you. She goes and gets a younger guy who and DNC gives him the same promises she gave you. See? Tells him

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that's a story right there, bra

spk_0:   24:58
that you play. If you play hard, you give it your all you'd give me four years, you've given your name. No picture can go on this wall to. Okay, now you gotta watch her every single Sunday. Yeah. You gotta watch every single Saturday every Thursday and Monday night. Yeah, you gotta watch him with somebody kills but the rest of your life and remind you of the life that you could have hit on the remind you of the relationship that wants it. Yeah, that's not posttraumatic forces

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and as deep. And I'm glad you talking about this because many of the young people in our communities, in urban America, if you go up to a kid and you say, What do you want to be when you grow up? They either going to tell you I want to be a MBA, clear NFL player, major league baseball player or rapper entertainer. Yeah, that's 90 almost 95%. And I've talked to thousands and thousands of Chicago youth over the years directly. All right. And and And in that right there, the disappointment of not fulfilling that dream wise because you told your mom you told down. I'll buy you a house when I make it to the league. When I make it out of here, I'm a lookout for my community, my village. Right. And then you get the disappointment of not making it. And then you left with Okay, what do I do now? And so you talked about an experience that happened when you got on the police force. It was a routine call you got. And tell me what shift that this whole football vehicle. So this whole real estate vehicle and I think something happened that everybody need to hear this story.

spk_0:   26:40
Yeah, but when, uh, when I got a police department, like I said, I didn't want to be there. Um, it's crazy because my dad, my brother, my bomb, they all been on the job they was on at the time for 20 plus years. And they've never really had anything traumatic really happened to them. But here it is. I'm a rookie on the job. Probably only been on the job for, like, two months and I'm riding around. Man, it was crazy cause, you know, radios, You know, we got a radios, and real is quiet on the radio this day. Ah, you know, So we were just looking for something to do. And the dispatcher came on the radio and was, like, you know, curfew violators outside. And I was like, Oh, that's a simple call. You know, we'll take that. And I got radios, like, you know, it will take that squad. So we go, we drive down the street, bro. Well, the east and we see you know, five kids outside, you know, they just out there, you know, But if they were younger kids and it was like, I don't know, maybe about 12 31 o'clock in the morning and they were in the area that, you know, I had a lot of shoots, and so we was like, you know, a Let's go ahead, take these kids home. You know, make sure that they don't get in trouble, give, you know, anything like that. And so, man, we pull up on him. And it was one kid every cool. We're cool. You know, I grew up in the area that I worked there. So everybody kind of like, you know, and I wouldn't want police all step just messing if you could be messing with you. It's so men, it was this one kid in particular. Brown went to him and I was like, Let me pat you down, man. I was gonna take our home. But before you put somebody in the back of the squad car, you know, behind you, you want to pack them down, make sure they don't have any weapons, anything on and so many. I went to go pet this kid down, and as I went to go pat him down, kid pushed me, pushes blood and it took off and ran. You know, Am I dodging? Got to tell you I was suffering from PTSD, you know? And I was just got training for the NFL harder than I betrayed a day of my life. And so I was like, Duh, like, you really want to do this? Kid took on man. I chased that field I gave my head start was like, No, I was there suffering repeated. It's a curator called man chased behind him and on a kid asked and went into, Ah, dark palette and then, as a kid was running problems like five yards right behind him and then dashed off between two apartment buildings. And I was right there with a man and a kid jumped up on top of this fits, and it was like a building is apartment built to the left was apartment building to right in front of us was this huge Like Tim Foot fits on top of 50 hit Bobb y can't jumps up on the fence, man and tries to hop over. He's cutting himself on the barbed wire, and so, as he's cutting himself above, I'm like a kid. Come on, you know I'm still cool. He touched me. Whatever. And I'm like a kid. Come on, man. Like I got you. Let me take you home. And so I'm trying to get the kid out the barbed wire because he's cut myself right. And as I'm pulling him down down from the barbed wire, man, that kid pulls out a tech nine Mondale and points it right in my head, bro.

spk_1:   29:35
Wow. Pointed to your head. What were you thinking in that moment? Oh, man, I was

spk_0:   29:41
just thinking survival bruh. I was just thinking survival, and I like in a split second. I just smacked his hand on the gun to the side. And as idea, he held down the trigger and and bullets just start flying. Now, as he's holding down the trigger, I'm holding, I'm holding the gun and I got my hand on it. The fire. It's coming out of the gun at the same time when I'm holding a gun. You know what? He's pulling the trigger on my hands. I just burning from the fighting That's coming from the gun. The Kidman. What? He didn't stop pulling there and then on the kids shot 16 times. And as the kid was re fighting over the gun, my partner finally pulls up in a squad car. And in my partner, it was a dark alley. My partner couldn't see that. Who's sure what was going on. My partner, as we struggled for the gun bullets is fine. My partner thinks that somebody shooting to him and then my partner pulls out his gun and he shoots in both of my direction. 16 times he shoots, he just unload his gun and both of my direction. The kid falls over this other side of the fence. He drops the gun on my side of the fence. He takes off running. I'm taking cover at this point and my apartment just standing there. Just shoot wow. Like a movie for Riel now, right? Is yeah, it is like a horror story. And, um, you know, the kid and getting away, We'll get the gun. I didn't get shot, but the crazy part about it, man. And this is when I knew that I had to make a change. It was when you know, a sergeant came on the scene and kind of was just like, you know, a guys, you know, You all you know, the guy the kid got away, that's fine, would catch him. It was like we got the gun. Good job was that we got a big problem. And I'm thinking of myself, brother, back in my head, like what could be bigger than just get shot it by two different people. And he was just like, you know, across the street over there is 18 unit apartment building and your bullets possibly have killed somebody in that building across the street. Now, keep in mind, Brought I didn't fire one shot. I was like fighting for my life, right? But they was talking to me like I was responsible and come to find out your partners and so everything all the circumstances leaves up to everything in the police department. And so they was looking at us like, you know, you guys are So they took us. They separated us. They took our guns from most separated us, put us in the back of two different squad cars. And I remember sitting that squad car, but I had to sit there while they went to every single unit to make sure that nobody was in the building dead. So now brought my half from a man was already nervous. And it's still China trying to figure out what just took place. You know, when you get shot, it didnt under half of me was nervous, like man, somebody's possible dead. This is all because we're just chasing some kids, you know, it's so but why was sitting at squad commandeer? The craziest thing happened. So it was a lot of things that happened. I got said that day I didn't get killed. I didn't die. But my mind changed forever. The way that I knew life the way that I view life changed. And when I was sitting in the back of the squad camera, I was sitting there thinking of myself like I could have just lost my life. Like what would happen to my wife? What would happen to my family? What would happen? Some. Our way of life. Like I didn't have nothing together. Like, I realized that I was falling into that track. That that's the trick that I tried so hard to up my life's and not do just that 95 trick, you know? Get up. Go work, pay bills. Come home, Get up. Go to work, pay bills, Come home. I wasn't I realized at that moment, brother. I never really even lived this. I was almost about to die and I didn't even really live. Yes, I said, miss something gotta change God, let me if I when I get out of this, some gotta change and I just change, you know, mentally, physically, all around. I have to change because if not, this is how my life is going to be. I'm still in my first year of my career, and I'm going through this. And I was supposed to work this job for the next 30 years. Yeah. So, man, at that moment, man, nobody was shot. Nobody was found dead, but, um, I said that the person that died that day was the old Jamal told mine, said Jamal here talked. So they were looking for a person did inside of that building. Let the person that died was inside of the back of the squad cough. Because at that very moment, I said I was done. I was done. And Steven day. I see. That's the thing. I want somebody I had to really remember. Being done does not mean being finished. Yeah, somebody all out there with quit your job, then I would have been gone. You already gave them back that badge, that gun and a heartbeat. And that very second they open up their squad cop. But I was done with the mindset that I met the job killing me For the next 30 years, I had to remind myself the reason why I want to be a millionaire. Because not because I wanted a job to take care of me because I want to take care of everybody else, okay? And so that way, that very moment, I still don't know how I was going to do it. I didn't know what, being quite a know nothing. All I knew was that something needed to happen. And so it was at that moment, manage. And that's when a buddy of my who I said I played in the NFL. He called me up and was like, Hey, I heard you got shot. And I was like, Man, I don't get shot. I got shot at, you know? He was like, Brooke, you know, any time you want to get away, Manu could come. You could come to Baltimore and man, come, You know, just stay in my house or whatever. Just get away. Any time you got open invitation. I remember saying Brown would take that. I like that now.

spk_1:   35:19
So this is your home boy that's playing in the NFL?

spk_0:   35:22
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it So we have rust. I went to God. Man drove toe Baltimore to go visit a man and and he lived in a gated community in Chicago, you know, Remember, I was used to just be living around blue collar workers. You know, I grew up in a blue collar community, and I never I never stepped outside of my community, you know, Chicago. Growing up in the eighties, it was started. Areas you couldn't go to. That's right, sir. Communities you could never even go to cutting stuff. Let these communities being a black man. And and so the only exposure that I never really got was what I saw. Like I said, Lifestyles of the rich and famous. But when I went visiting my friend, when I got to left when I pulled up brought to the gated community in with Deborah it's still today. Today is at this very moment does the amount of exposure can't that came on me was so thick it was so having bra that I couldn't forget it. I'm talking about men. I pulled up. I never first of another. Even new communities were gated. I've never seen a gated community before and jail guard came out my deal. And that's not until I think of police. The guard came out in a gated community and he came out and he, you know, even want to make sure you check off your name. You know, they don't just let nobody anybody going there. And But I was driving a 1993 Chevy Blazer, you know? So they really want to check me out. Like, who is this guy covered here? And when I when he checked my name off, Uh, and it's like, Okay, I see you hear, You know, And when I got through that those gates it was almost like going into the case of I'm talking about Brought on my whole ride to Baltimore from Chicago Thunderstorm. It was lightning. It was raining the second I passed through the gates Monday and it was like the rain just stopped. It was like Sunday came out. It was a different world. I'm talking about my Dale. The birds that was in that community was singing a different song. Hey, was just chirping dog. It was chipping trips. I'm talking about man. The house was lying with mansions there. A manicured grass lawns. I remember seeing like little kids, man. They had planned outfits, man walking to school. The women in the community was walking the neighborhood man and just They were grouped up exercising and just walking in the neighborhood. Eight mansions, 10,000 square foot mansions. I don't even get some. I got house yet and exposure was so heavy on me. It made a lasting impression in my mind and my heart and the crazy part about it broke everything I saw that day. It is, man. Everything I saw that day, I now have. I now have everything I saw my kids, them kids that was walking the neighborhood with the Platte outfits front. My Children, unconsciously, my Children go to a school. There's got the same plant outfits

spk_1:   38:15
exposure. Yes, sir.

spk_0:   38:16
Oh, man. My wife ran a member of women I talked about that was walking around the community. And it was on a week day. It should have been at work. They should have been at work from 9 to 5, but instead they were sitting around walking in the neighborhood, man like it is having a great time. Unconsciously. I retired my wife in her job at the age of 22. Wow. Those mansions birth 25,000 square foot mansions. I ain't never seen that before. I came from a community that had 1200 square foot, 1200 square foot house is right. Unconsciously. I now live in the 18,600 score foot house. Come on. I always tell people find El. Your level of exposure will determine your level of success.

spk_1:   39:05
A write that down the level of exposure will determine the level off success. Talk about it, brother.

spk_0:   39:14
What are you getting exposed to and see the thing about it. You guys gotta be careful who you're hanging with. You gotta be careful because exposure happens. Good a bit. Remember, in the beginning, I told you, come from a family of cops and criminals, everybody. We all got the same bullet that the criminals make. The decision to be the criminal when a cop made your decision to be a cop is all about exposure. The level of exposure to terminal level success. Let me tell you something I ain't never been a speaker Day of my life. Never been a speaker. I was in a squad car and now I'm traveling the world speaking on stage is in front of thousands of people all because I'm connected to the number one motivational speaking the world. I've been exposed to him. I've been exposed to his mentality. I've been exposed to the rhythm of speaking. I've been exposed. Teoh, This gift that I didn't even know what possessed that's why is important imaginable with a hug around Joy Villas. I would have been exposed to that. So I would have felt drugs selling drugs was the way to make it in life. That's why you got to get outside of your surroundings. You got to get outside of your environment. Sometimes you got to step outside. You gotta go at the exposure like that. I have somebody that in a desert would try to go out the water. That's right. Exposure. Exposure is everything. It's what? How can you How can you even imagine that you want to go somewhere in life? Unless you first seen it?

spk_1:   40:37
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

spk_0:   40:39
You are going on, Lee based on to what you seen. And when I ask people all the time what do you want to be when you grow up? They basin That thought Well, if they've seen. So I showed you something different. If I expose you to something different you want different. And if you want different, you'll do different. And if you do different, you have different. It starts all with exposure. What have you been exposed to?

spk_1:   41:03
I am so so So how long? I don't want anybody to miss what Jamal is saying here. He's saying that he was in a situation that actually could have cost his entire life. Doing a job for surviving, right, Doing everything right and wrong happened when wrong happened. It created an opportunity for friend. Reach out right that he was close with and say, Hey, man, if you want to get out of this situation, come on out to Baltimore. Jamal could have said, You know what? I'm good. But he decided he made the choice right to say, You know what? I'm to take you up on that offer. When he got there, he talked about being exposed right and that exposure got in his brain. Cells always tell you when my mentor invited me to get on my first flight and it was a flight to California to Stanford University set the bar high. I was exposed. So what did that do for me? I was at a college campus. I saw it at 17. In the next year. I was on a college campus cause I enrolled in college. Why exposure? And so what did that expose you do for you when you were seeing this? And I believe you talked about going out to dinner, and you talked about the minute. We gotta go there, brother.

spk_0:   42:29
Yeah. So, man crazy, like, literally right after that situation of going into the gated community. Soon as I got to my guy house, he was like, Hey, let's go get something to eat. I know you hungry. You've been on the road. So him and like him, unlike several other football players, NFL guys, they were like, We're going to a steak restaurant. Like come on with us. Yes, I have his Bentley bra, you know, automatically. That is my first time ever in a bit. So he's like, I was already It is. I come out of our step out of a 93 Chevy Blazer and I step into a brand new big Come on. That's what exposure do through

spk_1:   43:02
the Russians. You do? Yeah.

spk_0:   43:03
And so here it is. We drive to this restaurant and keep in mind now, the only steak restaurant I haven't been to, you know, back in Chicago might have been the What's that place called? Bad. Uh, back in the day, I can't even think of that dog. I can't think of it there, but it wasn't really like a state state restaurant. It was like a fake state. You know, the little chew steak was real s o the massive steakhouse, then you Mattson stakeouts. It is. So we are. We get there, and it was crazy because the manager came outside and he actually met us outside and walked us to the back room, you know, and I've never had that type of treatment before. So here's more exposure. And then we get to the back room and everybody that was there, right? By the time we sat down, you know, before the waitress even brought out the drinks and things like that. The guys was holding, and they are the automatic, and everybody went there millionaires. And I'm a cop. Right? Everybody start yelling out what they wanted. Right on top of my dad was like, Man, I'm gonna get that porterhouse steak. Somebody was like, give me that t bone. You know, somebody else yelled out, you know, let me get the fillet me up. And in a way to get around me and was lying, sir, what can I get you? And I was like, brought me to see a 1,000,000. I got to see a menu. You know, I'm right now, like I was a police officer making $1200 every two weeks $2400 a month, and and the stakes are the stuff that was on the stuff that they were serving at that at that rest of Rebekah, it could have been like my electricity via Oh, my Gassville. You know, that could have been a bill about to pay for that. So I was like, I need to see a menu. And so it was quite because everybody started looking and my boy was kind of embarrassed and, you know, here it is. I'm with all these one percenters. You know, all these millionaires, people that know what they want in life, people has been exposed to a different way of life. And I couldn't make the decision on something Some form, as far as what I want to eat. So as I'm you know, my boy hit me up because this other buddies was looking and it hit him on my email. So what, Your boy? You know what? Your boy for Chicago A and my boy hit me and he kind of Western Tell me, like Like j just just just one way, Don't we? Don't we don't do it that we know. We know we won't just get what you want And I was down, Brooke, I will sweat. How about I was straight up sweating. I was nervous. I really didn't know what I wanted. And it's sort of the waitress finally brought me a menu. And when? When? When they brought the menu. Tell me I'm over here. I'm like, shake it and I'm looking at the menu. And the second, the second I looked at the menu, my eyes were automatically to the right side. E You know what the right side is, right? Yes, sir. The right side of the menu is the prices is so I would unconsciously look at the right side of the menu. I would look at the prices first and I would take the baby to top five items. Not that I wanted, but the top five bite is that I could afford. And then I would make the decision on what I want it on those items that I could afford. The crazy party is those other guys. I was with it. They would look to the left side of the menu. They would never even look at the right side. The left side of menu is just the items. So here it is. I'm going through life. And I didn't just do this and food. I was doing this in life. Yeah, I was looking to the right side of the menu of life. I was letting the prices of a thing determined on if I would do it or not, or without the price of a thing, determine if I should buy it or not. I wouldn't make a decision because it was the best decision. I was making decisions because it was the cheapest decision. Wow. Who? How many yellow doing with your life? I want to life making decisions only based off the cost of a decision. See, if you go through life only basing things off the price of it it will come back and bite shorter. But later on in life. See, one percenters is all about man making the best decision because it's the best decision. If you go to like making best decisions because they are the best decision, imagine the sum total which your life is going to be in the future. But if you make decisions only based off of the cost of something, imagine what your some what your life is gonna be imagine with the sum total, you'll be in the negative when you add it all up. It's so broad. That's when I started realizing that I need to live life on the left side of the menu. There's people out here, man. That's really making decisions. Then really love in life. You always say that you go through life only making decisions on the cost of it. Breath. And you're doing that. You have a family. You a thief? Mm. You're robber, bro. You are. You are stealing the true experience of life from your family. You're taking robbing from the future that they could have you Robin up from the from the From the chill experience of life man and you don't even realize that you're doing it, you know? So I'm not telling somebody little settlement. I'll stay. You have tow. Learn how to get another means about how you live. That's right. You gotta find another being cool to get you through this life. Because this vehicle, see, the thing about it is if you've got a family, the vehicle that you have cannot be a motorcycle jacket to life on a motorcycle. And you got a family. Your vehicle gotta be large enough to carry any and everybody that you got with you. That's right. Sometimes it's best to have a couple extra seats. I like to drive trucks and how to get the extended boys. Because sometimes you might alone the way out to carry your brother. You're about to carry your parents. You might have to carry somebody close to you. You might carry your boy, you know? So, uh, live life on the left side of the menu. So now that's what I do. I go through life, man not saying Oh, I can't afford to send my kids to private school. No, I say, How can I afford to send him to private school because their education is important. I can't rob them from education that they could have. How can I pay for this for my spouse? Because my spouse chose me. My spouse shows me. She took on my last name out of all of the millions and millions of people that she could have been with brushing aside, she decided to marry me. So now it was my duty to make sure that this experience that that's what life is all about. Breath about an experience. That's right. How am I? How is this vehicle? How is this journey that we take it? How much in you? How you know? Sometimes I like to tell people, man, people miss out a lot of times on a real vacation. But when we take a trip somewhere, where we going out the country? You know, the trip is not just when you finally get to the destination. The trip is from the time you leave your house to the time you go on an airport to the time you on that plane, right? Sitting in first class to the time you land. The trick is the whole trip is not just the destination. I think a lot of people miss that there, focusing on just the destination. And that's what's wrong with a lot of blue collar workers. Broke a lot of blue collar workers, has just working for 30 years. And they're thinking that when I retire, my life is going to be perfect. They're focusing on the destination, but they're missing out all of these years in between. Yeah, they're focusing on the wrong thing, man. Someone people here realise, man, that you get your living life right now and he's just not living life. You you live in life, but your family, you live the life for all those that's connected to you. Yeah. Live life on the left side of the menu.

spk_1:   50:53
Yeah. Yeah. Listen, listen. Listen. What Jamal is talking about and so many words, he's talking about building the legacy, building a legacy beyond you he's talking about like what you do right now is predicated upon your family is predicated upon your name is predicated. Appoint your destiny, and my thing is is too many people that's focused on the right now, not realizing that you're right now is building your tomorrow. So what do you invested in. You talked about the whole when you came to class, talk a little bit about the whole

spk_0:   51:31
time, about the whole cause. You got a hit on this because you just hit on something. Yes, sir. You know, you just hit on something and I got to let people know this man. You know, the Jamal that you see in front of my dad talked about everything that I'm doing. You know, I'm you know, I got I don't even know how many build proper zone now, over 100 and 67 units. Um, you know, got a chain of daycare centers on a security company. Um, I got one of the top online real estate courses in the country. I'm speaking with the number one motivation. Speak in the world. I don't get none of that credit to the Jamaat is in front of you right now. Talk about it. The Jamaat is in front of you right now. Brought Is the recipient cool, Jamal Waas 10 15 years ago. Always saying somebody write this down. Do it for the future You Everything that I do is for the future. Me So the Jamal when he was 20 years old. He said when he when he's getting shot it when he was, you know, being a police officer. He said that when I turned 30 I want to live a different kind of way. When I turned 30 I want the mansion just like my boy here when I turned 30. I want to have my wife sitting up being able to have freedom just like those other women here when I turned 30 I want to have my cheese man. When I'm Platt outfits, I want them to get the best education. Like I wrote this stuff down and then I reverse engineered and I work towards that. Everything that you're doing today is not going to affect you today. But it's going to affect you in the next 5 to 10 years. What are you doing for the future? You What plans do you have set up but who you're gonna become? Because the only when you want to become Mrs If you decide on what you want to become today, see the thing about it. The thing I love about this kind of mindset is that even though I'm 42 years old right now and the Jamal you see, I'm fit right now because only because the 30 year old Jamal came about a worked out plan because he said When I turn for him, I want to make sure that I'm looking a certain kind of weight. But see this 42 year old Jamal can't sit back now and say, All man, 30 year old Jamal set me up. Nice. Let me just share, not eat food all day long. The 42 year old Jamal gotta work out now because he's not working out for who he is today. He's working out for the Jamaat is gonna be 52

spk_1:   53:54
yard better here. This

spk_0:   53:56
anything that you do it is setting yourself up. Soldiers. You're more. That's 42. Got a plan for how he wanted live in 52. He got a plan. He wanna have houses in other countries. He got a plan who want to be able to pay for his Greinke's tuition. He got a player. He want to be able to travel the world first class on a private jet. Sort of Jamaat is at 42. Gotta work towards that right now. I Everything I'm doing right now is to set him up. What are you doing for yourself? How you set yourself up. Nothing just happens. You don't just wake up one day and become a millionaire. You don't just wake up one day and be on the stage with the number one motivational speaking world. You just don't wake up. It just don't happen that way. Everything you're doing and that's why it's so important. That's what time time is. The greatest asset, not money. A lot of y'all chasing time using a lot of chasing money. But you're wasting time. Come on. It's a bit of opposite way. You should be stew should be chasing your time time. Somebody asked about $50 from you. You'll go crazy, but there ended. But they're set up. What you would say Come on over the house. So let's play video games for 3 to 4 hours and you will say, Oh, man, let's do it. Your time is your greatest asset, Not your money. Uh, and that's where this whole thing is. When I was in the whole, you know, when a police department, you know, we call this thing where you know, we get a lot of free time, and it's free time we get We call it the whole is where you get away from the public side by There is where you just like a I'm gonna I'm going. You know, it's nobody on the radio call in, You know, it might be snow outside and so we didn't get no calls. You know, it's downtime. And during this time is when you can read birds, you can watch movies. You could be on social media. You'd be on the phone talking some officers, right to go to sleep. You know, you know a lot of officers, jealousy, offices and a whole lot of time when you drive up to Dunkin Donuts and they just chilling and Dunkin Donuts keep doughnuts and drinking coffee. Me get in the hole. But see what I realized that I got back from Baltimore with my friend. I realized that a lot of and I was cool in a hole. In the beginning, I was like, big in this. It's sweet. I'm like, man, I get sleep, I get Teoh watch movies, man, I'm getting over. But what happened was I really wasn't getting over. The joke was on me because what I was doing, I was wasting time. I thought got back from being with these one percenters with these millionaires. I realized that time is your greatest asset and 1000 times more than they valued money. Yeah, And so I realized that a lot of police officers was wasting time in the hole. And it was that shift in that mindset. I said that if I ever want to transition and get everything that I was exposed to and I have to change my time, I gotta change. I utilize my time. And so it was then, at that point where I stopped watching movies, I stopped playing video games. I stopped being on social media. I stopped sleeping. And this is when I started toe read books on relisting, besting. I started toe, take a lunch break and they're on my lunch break. I would I would work out because I wanted to work on my body. I said that it When I become a millionaire, I no longer said If I become a millionaire, I got my I got my vision back again. See a lot of you guys got a sight, but you don't have vicious site is what you see in front of you. Vision is what you see 10 years from now. And that's why in order to do it for the future, you you've got another 100. Develop your vision, Basil. The Bible teaches us that people without vision is dead. They will perish. You have to have a vision for your life. And that's why you see everything that I have. So you gotta have a vision. Write that down and then you got you gotta you gotta utilize your time. You gotta respect time. You gotta learn how to utilize your time the right way when you're in a hole and the hole So you might be just you know when you everybody right now is going on in the world They said, Hey, we got the song, Corentin. Okay, so you got to sit in your house. Don't use that town and play video games. Somebody out is playing sports that got dreams of making it to the league. Use this time to work out. Separate yourself from the competition right now. That's what the whole is, is what normally you have downtime. That's when you take this time and you make the most of it. You know, normally, when you have people call free time, that's when you take this time and make the most of it could see free time is really not free. Three times should be called expressive time because if you don't utilise right way brought it will come back and bite you in the butt. Yes, What I was in the whole brought This is when I started looking at problems. This is when I start driving around and when everybody else will sleep. I've been going to these properties And then by the time I got about the time I got out of the the got off work, I will put my contracts in my office and on some of these problems, it was in the hole when I came in with every business plan that I have all of these businesses. It was in the hole. It wasn't a hole. And I always say this. They all write this down. What I noticed over the years is that whatever a person did in the whole, they became

spk_1:   59:07
Wow, Hold on, hold on. hold on Paul's one second. I want to give you time to write this down. Whatever a person did in the whole they became, they

spk_0:   59:20
became. So you have police officers that was watching movies all the time? Yes. What? They became absolute. Hey, movies, maybe. Can't experts. They could tell you. You don't even have to watch. You know, you don't even have to watch the little intros. They have a movies of the samples of whatever Brock are you do is going to certain officers asked. Did you watch this movie? They tell you all about that? We'll see you think about it. Is being expert movies didn't do nothing for the family in position. A key is no kind of way and imposition of any kind of way. And the crazy part is 20 years, 20 years later. Now some of those same officers are still on the job. Here it is. These guys might have had a 5 10 year head start on me on the job, and now they're still on the job. Why? Because they wasted their time watching movies. Some of people was playing video games, So guess what? They became masters at video games. But guess what? They still on the job to this day? We still working video games Didn't change their life. Not one bit. See, being an a hole. Just saying about being productive is about being productive or something is going to change. Your life is about being productive on the vision that you said that you wanted for your life. But if you don't clean, we'll have a vision for what you want in your life. Then you're not going to be productive. You just wasting time and time never stops. Some of you guys right now are young and you think you're gonna live forever. You think you've got time? So did the people that passed away from this cold in 19. You don't never know. You can't sacrifice. You can't waste. Not another minute you don't know is nothing. No expiration date that's on the back of your neck. On the tag on your shirt. Nothing comes and says, How long you going live? You don't know? That's why you have to wake up every single day with the past. You gotta wake up with a certain kind of with a certain kind of dog to work towards that vision that you got for your life. But if you don't have that vision, then you would never wake up and work towards anything.

spk_1:   1:1:22
Vision, vision. I hear you saying vision or whole lot. You can have sight but no vision. And it's really important that you visualize the images that you want to see yourself in. So that's why we talk about being born a win. That's a decision, right? It's a mindset. And the one percenters have that same mindset. I'm gonna go out and get it, regardless of my circumstances, regardless of my situation, it regarded black, white, rich, poor. I'm born in the hood. You coming from Chicago? I always tell people you could make in Chicago you making anywhere in the world. But the thing is, is how well you make it. Some people making it, but they barely making it their surviving. But then you go from surviving to driving, right? And so I think, like the mindset that we have to have Jamal, I gotta AKs a question. We've been asking all of our guests this question. Yeah, if you had a bill boy with words on it and millions. Maybe even billions of people will see it. What words? Which you. Right on that billboard,

spk_0:   1:2:21
all things are possible to him who believe? Mm. All things. But that one Scripture right there. All things somebody another end of this camera might say. Uh, well, how could I? How could I make it? How can I get out of the hood? You know my mom, my mom My grandma was in the hood. My mama was in the hood. My daddy was in the hood. I'm born in the hood. I e I can't make it at all. Things are possible. All things well, I don't have a way to go to college, you know, I don't have you know I don't have money. I don't come from wealth. I can't get a scholarship. How can I make all things are possible? The answer. Somebody might be able here. Say, Hey, my marriage, my marriage A working man with my mom. But my life is crazy, man. But I'm ready to leave, man. I might lead, man. I just can't do it. I try it, man. I'm ready to give up. All things are possible.

spk_1:   1:3:20
Oh, you heard it all things are possible.

spk_0:   1:3:24
But it could have said some things. It could have said 50% of things. It could have seen it. It could have said a lot of things. All things are possible, but here's got me motivated. I might actually just put up a billboard to just say that. I know these are

spk_1:   1:3:39
all things are possible.

spk_0:   1:3:42
Somebody got to know that Somebody got to know that you got to just not know it brought. You gotta believe that. Yes, sir. You gotta believe it. Put it up on your wall. Right down. Put it up on your wall. Creative Vision Board And write that down no matter what. No matter what you're going through in life, you gotta know. And you gotta believe that all things are possible

spk_1:   1:4:02
all things up. And Jamal, he said a little bit earlier. He never imagined that he would be going around the world speaking to thousands of people. Uh, especially with with our good brother, our mentor, Dr E T. Got CJ got Karl. They doing? Ah, secrets to success Podcast. He's a fixture on the podcast, But just talk about that experience. What is it like for you using your gift that you never thought you would use one day to speak life into people. What is that like?

spk_0:   1:4:36
Yeah, is is I brought out of maybe millions? Ah, not not you. Look, bra, the amount of money that's been made, I can't even tell you the total amount I don't know and not $1 has given me. The joy was giving me the filling or the gratitude that I get from port into people and speaking life into people you can't even even you can't even put a price on it. You can't even when you walk into your purpose when you walk into your purpose. And the crazy thing about it is every vehicle that off hair has brought me to this point every single vehicle, Ra you know, every single vehicle, man. I you know, I said that I wanted my destination to be a millionaire. But when I was claiming that God had a destination for me also Godhead God knew that I was going to be called one day the ninth of five million. That's why I didn't make it to the NFL. But now brought I'm speaking to the NFL Wow, you know it is is Guy had a bigger plan, and it's just like I said, just and it's so crazy. One day I sit back and really be able to grasp the whole everything that's taking place in my life. And it's kind of hard a lot of times to see the picture when you in it, you know, and but right now, it's just It's amazing when you just look back over your life and that's what I tell people. Man is important to keep moving. Keep moving because you know where I went from, the squad constant stage. I went from the squad car to the stage man. It's people that trained a whole life and try to become a speaker. Is people matters. As thousands and thousands of people trying to speak with Eric tongues trying to speak to Aaron Thomas, Air time has reached out to me. Yes, sir. It's crazy fame as a humbling experience, but it's just dog, and that's why I'm so big on people staying ready. You know, Lottie, all out there, you know, that's why you have to stay ready in life because you never know when your opportunities at home. You gotta be in a great place. You gotta be in a great position. You gotta physically imagine if I stopped working out and imagine if all of a sudden all of a sudden on the opportunity came. And now all of a sudden I'm like, Oh, man might be in for the 1000 people. I need to lose £40. Imagine if I wasn't right within myself within my spirit. Now, son. Oh, man, I got an opportunity. Let me let me let me try toe, let me try to get, you know, get in. Good with God. You guys know about one, right? With my wife, my family and I was a strange for my Children. Oh, man, I don't want nobody to know. You don't know We're speaking this The people Let me Let me try to find some. Let me try to get a girl with my cheers again. Be ready. Stay ready. Stay ready. Position yourself. Yeah, the opportunity in life. It might seem like it's not in front of you right now, but just because it's not president front of right now, I don't mean that it ain't already taking place. That's right. Speaking where every time is didn't just start last year, his started man 20 years ago for me because my story that I'm speaking on is everything that I've been through. So your your story has already happening right now you're going to your story right now. So that's what I'm saying. So don't just go through and grow through it, grow through everything that you're going because every situation, every circumstance, everything you go through right now is gonna make you who you gonna become one day.

spk_1:   1:8:29
Listen, God, listen, listen, listen, listen. Listen. I don't know if you tuned into what's going on. This man is pouring in words of wisdom, right? And it's not talking about something that he rare from a book. Someday he got from a teacher a lesson. This is Hiss life style. And here's the thing. Jamal made a decision that this is the lifestyle that he wanted tohave. And so he went out there, and he's going out there every single day to do it to grind for and listen, everybody here. I want you to remember the billboard words that Jamal put all things are possible, and I believe the be part of that scripture to him that believes or to whom that believes you must have faith with corresponding action. You can't just say that you want it without putting in the work. The work has to proceed. The faith or it's not. Faith is like the body without the spirit they did. So you have to make sure that you take the words that Jamal is saying and start to apply em today. Today, today your life can change forever, right? And so, Jamal, I just want you man to just tell us, like, what's with some books? Some things that you chew on that you can give us that we can start toe put in tow, work and use.

spk_0:   1:10:05
Yeah, I would have to. Definitely, man. Say I got to start with the Bible. The Bible is undefeated, You know, every just about every book. Self help book, motivational book, inspiration book has been based off of the Bible. And so you could just you got to go bring the whole Bible, just go to proverbs. You know, just go to proverbs and problems. Just like almost like the instructions, the life, you know? You know, four men are young Woman is like the instructions is telling you exactly how to make it through life. Um, another book that kind of changed my mind set. I was thinking grow rich. They're thinking Grove rich was something that kind of made me saying, Whoa, um, I got that same man Robert killed sake. You know, Rich, they're poor dead. And the And he had a second book called Cash Flow Quandary. That kind of got my mind set to thinking about how how the how the poor by liable we focus on liabilities while the rich focus on assets. Um, another book is by Oji Mandingo the grown, the greatest salesman. Did you got the road? The What is the richest man in Babylon? You know, these are some other books, so, you know. Yeah, man, those are Those are some Definitely some books that kind of, you know, I changed my mind set, and that's all it is. It starts in the mind, you know? It starts in the mind. I would say before you go by in any book. Oh, real estate. Before you go by any book on stock market or finances, I will say you need to have books on the mindset. First, it speaks to the mind because you can get all of this wealth and losing tomorrow. If your mind is not right s so is the mindset. First, that's the foundation, you know, in real estate, you know, whatever. I'm building a house. The first thing that are focused on is the foundation. You know, you get some people in real estate, they come into a property. The first thing they looking at is the light fixtures and looking at the paint, they looking at the carpet I'm looking at, you know, they're looking at the faucets. All of those things are interchangeable. You can change those things out. You could change out the light fixed, you could change out the window treatments. You could change out the paint color. You could change those things out at any time. But the thing that you cannot change out is the foundation of the house. And so a lot of times, people put the focus on the wrong thing. And so that's why when you dealing with your mindset, that's the foundation of everything that you're going to go through. And so that's why you want to focus more Solar foundation first and the finances second.

spk_1:   1:12:53
Excellent. So tell us real quick. How did you get the name? The 9 to 5 million there. And tell us making real estate riel what that's all about and how folks get involved.

spk_0:   1:13:07
So the 95 million is crazy because, you know, I've always been a 95 millionaire. I used to go to work as a police officer and and, you know, police officers, police department. We get our checks and bots. Before they did the record positive used to give us our checks in a box and they will put him in alphabetical order. And I was making so much money from real estate. Mondale and I was like, 26 years old that I would leave, like, seven or eight of my checks, and I just wanted to it. But it took too much time to go to the bank and cash my checks. And so I would just leave him in a box. I would just say I believe my checks in the box. I get him when I got at least about 7 to 10 checks and then I would go to the bank and cash, like 17 checks. And my lieutenant one day his last name is was was cook with Kato Nazi, but okay. And so I'm King s. So his checks is right next to my A. He was making way more money than me. But I have way more money to him in that box because I simply checks 84 minutes of the side one day, a calm in his office, and he and my checks altogether touched him on the table. You know, he was kind of like King, you know? What do you What are you doing? You know, you think you're a millionaire something? What do you doing? You think you're a billionaire? You don't have to catch your checks. You know you got People are here and work hard every day, and they go and they have 23 jobs, and then they work hard, and you're just like a slap in the face that you're not cashing your checks. He's just like, you know, You think you're a millionaire, Okay? I was like I was like, you know what? Wow. And I was in my police uniform. I was like, Wow. I am a bill, you know, I like you doing in there, but I didn't get the title, you know? So I was always a millionaire since the age of 26 as a police officer, but I didn't get the title 9 to 5 million air until I told my story to C. J and C J. You know who's the branding expert? He's the man behind Eric Thomas. Um, you know, he branded me branded Eric a brand. You know, He's just these two Brandon Guru, and, you know, we like to call him the field Jackson. You know, if e my is Michael Jordan, you know, I think I might be I don't know, Scottie Pippen. Dennis Rodman. I don't know. You know, S e j would be Phil Jackson, but he's just like, you know, he's like the coach behind everything, and he brand him. He was, like, bruh. He was like and I was telling the same story I told you about the checks about my lieutenant, and it seems like bruh. You did 95 million out for real. And I was like and in the name just stuck and everybody started calling me to 95 million there. And it's crazy because that name has been with me my whole life, you know, as a 90 fiber and as investor. But it took CJ give to actually take that and stick it on. Put it on.

spk_1:   1:15:56
You were born for it fits you perfectly, brother. 9 to 5 million There. That's who I see is like Jamal King. 95 million there. Everybody know you has the 9 to 5 million there. Now, that's like one of the coolest nicknames of all time, bro.

spk_0:   1:16:10
It's almost like oxymoron. You know, if you recognize the five k, the 1,000,000 most millionaires don't work 9 to 5. And I'm like, Yes, you know is me

spk_1:   1:16:21
the best of both worlds. You can go in any room at any time in the world. And

spk_0:   1:16:25
really, I love I love it because, you know, I'm still blue collar, you know? I got the blue collar values, you know, Still, you know is inside of me. And yet I still got the millionaires mindset. Yes, sir. I got a suit collar values the blue collar grit, But I got the millionaire mindset. You two together, you have the 95 million.

spk_1:   1:16:44
Yeah, and he's doing the make real estate riel. So tell us a little bit about that and how people can get involved with that.

spk_0:   1:16:52
Yeah. So, um, you know, that was another thing from C. J. You know, he wanted me to. He was like, You gotta teach people this, you know, it's crazy. Mondale. I got started in real estate, not really to become a millionaire, but I just didn't want to pay bills, you know? And so you're not coined the term that I bought a building for every bill that I had,

spk_1:   1:17:11
um, building on every bill,

spk_0:   1:17:14
a lot of building for every deal, you know? So every better I had, I wrote down. I did this when I was in the hole. I wrote down. What is the cost of me? How much does it cost to be leave? What's my What's my monthly lifestyle? How much everybody got a number two. You know where this is, how much my house cost. This is how much my card. Because there's not much my kids childcare costs. This is how much our groceries cost, You know? What is that? What's your monthly lifestyle costs. And the reason why I was so important to me was because if anything ever happened to me again, and I lost my life when I lost my job, I wanted to make sure that passively I had enough t cover the expenses off our lifestyle. And so I wrote down, you know exactly what's the cost of me, and I said, I'm a by building to cover every single expense. So after I purchased this property and paid the mortgage paid expenses to it, the money that's left over is the net income that comes back to me. I would take that net income, and I will put that towards my house. Look, I will purchase another property, put that towards my car note, purchased another property, put that towards my wife's, replaced her salary. And so I used the power of real estate to cover my lifestyle. And then I didn't just come up with the current cost of me. I came up with the future costing me also. So I said it. They work and it covered my current lifestyle. What can I do for my future lifestyle? What kind of house? My dream life. What kind of house do you know? Who could I could? I lived in and I could get How much real estate with that take to cover the dream house that I want, You know, how much would it cost if my kids went to the number one school in the state? How much was that? Tuition costs and how many properties? What I need to cover that expense. So that's what I did. And I came up with that and I put it on the course. See, Jamie put it in the course so that I could share this mentality with everybody. So now that is just not 1 95 million able to be millions across the country. And that's what makes real estate really is. All about is about making real estate grills. For you is about utilizing the power of real estate. T get you whatever it is in life you want to get I tell people all the time idea. You're one property away. You're one property way for retire from your job, your one property away. Well, property away from living the dream like traveling one of the vacations you want to travel to your one property wife living in the house that you want to live in no longer gotta wait for somebody to promote. She You no longer need to wait for somebody like you on your job. Promotes show south and buy property. And that's what makes real estate really teaches

spk_1:   1:19:50
you. Wow. And so there you hear it. And on the screen, you're going to see his website and how to follow him on social media. But give us some last words, Jamal. Take us home.

spk_0:   1:20:02
May Just going back, Brock on that all things are possible. You know, I need you all to, like, really believe when I say really believe I need you to believe It's like you never believe nothing in your life before This is the foundation. This is where it all starts. Success and failure both starts in the mind. So I need you to believe I need you to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that all things are possible to him believe. And then I need you to say I believe that whatever it is that you believe, write it down. After that, all things are possible to him who believe I didn't say. I believe that this is possible right? With that, this is write it down, create the vision and make it plain right the vision down and make it playing so that he who may read it may run with it. Nobody is going to be able to come in your life and help you until you help yourself and declare what it is that you won't help with. It all starts right there were writing it down. I'm sending telling our this is the best advice I could give to you. All things are possible. Go after it. The world is waiting on you to become Were you supposed to become is crazy fondle You had passed a hand on here last week. And one thing that I heard this is the first time I ever heard this. I heard this in church for Sunday and I felt like Pastor Hannah was talking to me. I literally felt like he was talking to me, brother, when past the hand of seeing one man's obedience is connected to so many other people's destiny. I've never heard that before until her past. The head of state is years ago, maybe 10 years ago. In church, he said, one man's obedience is connected to so many other people's destiny. So many other people's destiny is somebody that's watching this right now and because of your obedience because of your obedience is somebody has weight known you to be the best version of you so that they could be the best version of them. Just think about it just right here, Justin and within the organization within, Within chance. Just think about it. My deal ahead of Mentor. This meant for his obedience. Because of his obedience. He could have pushed Mondale off to the sense I ain't got time to mess with You can't. But because of his obedience is one man's obedience. Look what idiot savant Dale any and look at how many people are. Deal is touched. One man's obedience is connected to so many other people's destiny. The world needs you. He's you to be the best version of them to be the best version of you, so that they could be the best version of them

spk_1:   1:22:58
will listen, everybody. You were tuning into the born toe win podcast. I told you all I told you we want playing now you can unleash your seatbelt, get up out your seat and get toe work. Why? Because you wrote it down. You made it plain right division and make it plain. Why? So that he that recon run your life right now, right? Has so many souls connected to it. So get up, Give focus, get in the game and go all in. And so I want to thank our special guests. Jamal King, my brother. I love us. You inspired me. I thank God for him bringing you to this world to make us all better. I appreciate all the things that you've done behind the scenes. And I want to say that publicly. I know you don't do it. The to get your name called out, But I really, really, really, really appreciate it. I preach. I appreciate e t connecting us

spk_0:   1:23:58
and I was mental

spk_1:   1:24:00
ship. Now we on this journey together and all we want to do is improve lives, provides safe spaces and provide other opportunities

spk_0:   1:24:08
for our

spk_1:   1:24:08
city. And so you heard it Here. You can make it out of Chicago. You can make it anywhere in the world. And remember you born toe win in every situation in life. Thank you for listening to the born to win podcast. Would you consider making a donation to Champs Way? Are looking to provide senior class care packages and other essential items like food, hygiene and toiletries for the families of our champs Mentees. You can donate via cash after at Dollar Sign, Champs Mentoring or PayPal at paypal dot m e slash champs mentoring. Or you can always visit our webpage champs mentoring dot com and click on the donate button. Thank you.