Born 2 Win

BORN 2 WIN PODCAST|#7 w/Vondale Singleton| Special Guest Arne Duncan #secretaryofeducation #born2win #chicagocred

June 02, 2020 Vondale Singleton/ Arne Duncan Season 1 Episode 7
Born 2 Win
BORN 2 WIN PODCAST|#7 w/Vondale Singleton| Special Guest Arne Duncan #secretaryofeducation #born2win #chicagocred
Show Notes

The Born 2 Win podcast highlights individuals excelling at high levels in their purpose and calling. This podcast is for anyone looking to get ahead in life and willing to take ACTION and reach their full potential. Using our C.H.A.M.P.S. Mentoring Model of the 3E's Education, Empowerment, and Exposure.

Today's guest Arne Starkey Duncan[1] is the former United States Secretary of Education from 2009 through December 2015.[2][3] While his tenure as Secretary was marked by varying degrees of opposition from both social conservatives and teachers unions, he nevertheless enjoyed strong support from the US president who appointed him, Barack Obama. Conservatives and some parents resisted Duncan's push for all U.S. states to adopt the Common Core Standards to determine what students had learned, and most US teachers unions disliked his emphasis on the use of data from student tests to evaluate teachers and schools.[4] Despite antagonism to the changes Duncan had introduced, Obama praised his work at the Department of Education by saying, "Arne has done more to bring our educational system – sometimes kicking and screaming – into the 21st century than anybody else."[5] -courtesy of WIKIPEDIA

Duncan and Emerson Collective will focus first on Chicago residents between the ages of 17 and 24 who are neither working nor in school, many of whom have criminal records and lack high school degrees. Their work will explore factors in schools, homes and communities that contribute to crime, joblessness and social breakdown. The immediate goal is to provide job opportunities for young people today in Chicago and to help forge a safer, surer path from home to school to work for at-risk kids.

“A young person growing up in Chicago ought to be able to chart a clear roadmap toward a bright future,” Duncan said. “But for too many inner city kids, the path is marred by poverty, violence, broken social networks and schools that can’t keep up with the challenges in tough neighborhoods. The violence is a symptom of hopelessness and our priority is to give young people hope by getting them jobs.”

Duncan emphasized that he will continue his work in education but is currently focused on disconnected youth because of the recent surge in violence in his hometown. A recent report put the total number of disconnected youth across the nation—defined as neither working nor in school—at nearly six million, or one in seven young people. Among young black men in Chicago, the rate climbs to a staggering 47 percent, according to a recent study.

The work will tap into an inventive set of resources to address systemic barriers to opportunity, including dynamic partnerships with community-based organizations, investing in entrepreneurs who can bring a new era of innovation and job growth to neglected neighborhoods, and collaborating with local leadership to scale the best solutions that will directly benefit inner-city Chicago youth and families.

Duncan and Emerson Collective bring to this effort a lifelong passion for helping low-income children and young people through better education, meaningful personal relationships and greater exposure to concrete work opportunities.

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